Glory Hole Gallery

"Put it in our hole"

It's a Glad Day to visit the Glory Hole!

Glory Hole Gallery is a new artistic endeavour on Church street in partnership with Glad Day. Glad Day Bookshop was founded in 1970 making it the oldest surviving LGBTQ+ bookstore in the world. Glad Day is a significant part of Toronto’s LGBTQ+ history, and continues to support, nurture, and inspires culture, today. Old and new come together with this collaboration, with the objectives of Glory Hole Gallery to promote and maintain inclusivity and visibility, with a focus on LGBTQ+ artistic endeavours, while pushing the boundaries of creativity within a 12"x 12" box. 


Here’s where you come in (consensually, of course).



Make some art: 

Anything goes, as long as it fits in our hole!


Place your masterpiece in one of our Gallery boxes.



Lock it up! let Glory Hole Gallery keep it safe! 


Press the button to light up your art in the Glory Hole,


Enjoy the View!

Creators + Curators

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Sean MacPherson is a Toronto based artist and brand manager for Glad Day Bookstore. Sean has academic training and practice in the arts, film making, and brand marketing. His foremost interest is creating marketable campaigns that are meant to push boundaries of both experience and expectation. His most current endeavour is creating a unique art outlet within Glad Day Bookstore. This outlet is Glory Hole Gallery, to which he is the co-creator and curator.

Emily Peltier is a queer femme and has been working and volunteering in the arts and curatorial field for the past six years. Her past projects include various research and exhibition projects in Toronto through various institutions such as the Art Gallery of Ontario and OCAD University. Her most recent independent projects includes This Is The Artists’ Object(ive), which was mounted April 2017 at Blank Canvas Gallery, and currently she is the co-creator and curator at Glory Hole Gallery.  

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